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What is PaaS solution?

PaaS is a short form of Platform as a Service. It is one of three categories of Cloud Computing Service.
It works with other two categories, namely, Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service.

Platform as a Service is a total environment for development and deployment, in the Cloud. PaaS has the resources that enables the developers to create and deliver everything. It includes the simple Cloud based applications to complex and sophisticated enterprise applications, those are Cloud based.

Platform as a Service is a service module that provides the users a platform to build applications. The users are generally developers and they use PaaS to build services also over the internet. PaaS is a service that is hosted in the Cloud. The users and the developers can access PaaS through their web browsers.

Advantages of Platform as a Service-

Platform as a Service is equally beneficial for business organisations, web developers and software developers.

The business organisations can use PaaS to develop their own software, those are operable over the internet. This software is helpful in creating environments for distinct ring fenced development and testing.
The web developers make use of the PaaS as individual PaaS environments at all stages of the processes for developing, testing, and hosting their web sites.

The software developers take the advantages of PaaS solution to build and develop an application. This application is offered over the internet or the software is sold out of the box.

Platform as a Service includes infrastructure, such as servers, networking and storage. PaaS also holds middleware, tools for development, services for business intelligence, systems for data base management, and many such more facilities. Platform as a Service has been designed to support the complete lifecycle of web application, which includes building, testing, deploying, managing and updating of the applications.

PaaS is a Cloud computing service model that allows the users to avoid making the expenses and complications of purchasing and managing the licenses of software, the underlying infrastructure of applications, infrastructure of middleware, the tools for development and many other similar resources. The user can manage the applications and services the user develops. The provider of Cloud service can typically manage every other thing, associated with the service.

  • ·PaaS helps in cutting coding time, with its development tools.
  • ·PaaS helps the user to add capabilities for development, without the need of   adding   manpower to do it.
  • · PaaS helps in doing the development of multiple platforms, It include mobile       phones also. This task is done more easily with PaaS.
  • · PaaS helps the user to use complex and sophisticated tools more affordably.
  • ·PaaS helps in supporting development teams those are geographically distributed.
  • ·PaaS helps in efficient management of lifecycle of applications.

Cyfuture is one of the leading most PaaS solution providers, that provides the best PaaS solution to its customers, at a very affordable price.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS, is an infrastructure for instant computing. IaaS is provisioned and managed through the internet service. The users using IaaS can scale up or down quickly, for adding or deleting resources as per demand. It makes the service very cost effective, because the users need to make payments for only that much resources what the users use.
Infrastructure as a Service helps the users to avoid making the expenses and the complications of purchasing and managing the user’s own physical servers, with all other infrastructure for a data center. Every resource is offered here as a separate component for service. The user only has to rent the particular one she/he needs, for as long as she/he needs it. The provider of Cloud computing service manages the entire infrastructure. The user can purchase and install, configure and manage her/his own software. It also includes the operating system, applications and the middleware.
Advantages of Infrastructure as a Service-
  • ·IaaS helps in eliminating capital expenses and in reducing recurring costs.
  • ·IaaS is a big help in maintaining the continuity of businesses and recovery from       disaster situations.
  • ·IaaS helps the users to innovate at a rapid pace.
  • ·IaaS helps in faster response in situations of shifting business conditions.
  • · IaaS is a big help for the user to enable the user to focus on her/his core business.
  • · IaaS helps in increasing stability, reliability and supportability of the infrastructure    of the user.
  • · IaaS provides better security for the user’s applications and data.
  • · IaaS helps the users to procure new applications at a faster speed, since the user needs not to set up the infrastructure first, before the user can develop and deliver the applications.
IaaS helps the businesses to test and develop applications, to host web sites, for storage, for back up and for recovery, for web applications, for high performance computing and for big data analysis.

Cyfuture is the leading most IaaS solution provider, providing best IaaS solution to its customers at a very reasonable rate.

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