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» » How To Safely Store Your RV During The Winter Season?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a recreational vehicle must be one of your cherished possession. They aren’t just a vehicle, but a part of many of your fun and cherished memories.

 While you must have enjoyed using your RV during the summer, the winter is a harsh time for this asset of yours. As soon as the temperature drops, you need to take care of your vehicle and ensure that it is prevented from the elements.

This is where a smart storage comes to the play. You must know how to smartly pack and store the vehicle, to make sure it is safe till the next sunshine season. Here are a few tips to follow to keep your RV safe and secure in the storage:

RV Storage tips for the winter:

Take care of mold and mildew:

One of the worst case scenario that you ca heave with your RV post storage is mold and mildew everywhere. This not only affects your vehicle, but also poses a health hazard for you and the family.
It is important to prevent it from developing and for that, you must check the seal of the vehicle before you drop it at the storage.

If there would be any vent to let the air inside, you would let moisture set in the vehicle, and thus mold and mildew develop. To enhance the safety to another notch, use vent covers and the roof top of the vehicle open to let the build moisture pass away.

You need to focus on pest prevention:

Pests are another problem for your RV storage. They make way inside of your recreational vehicle and enjoy a cozy stay inside. Not only they create a mess, but also leave their droppings behind, posing a great health hazard for the people who use the vehicle later.

These invaders needs to be dealt with firmly by ensuring there is no passage for them to invade the vehicle. Close all the vents as well as the smoke exhaust, plumbing pipe or any there possible opening where mice may squeeze in. Also, do not leave any leftover behind, not even, toilet rolls, towels and sheets as the mice may feed and nest on them.

Take care of the tires:

Just like the vehicle storage, you need to check that the tires are at their max capacity. Inflate them to the top notch and park your vehicle on a wooden frame. You can also invest in good tire covers which will help you keep the tires safe to maximum possible level.

Choose the best storage units Hilo:

While you may think of storing the RV in your garage, there are often too many things already occupying the space. To make sure your recreational vehicle is safely stored, you must hire the best storage units near me. The modern storage units also have a climate-control feature, which means you can also protect your vehicle from any moisture and temperature fluctuation, which might harm it.
These are some of the tips that you must use to keep your recreational vehicles safe during the winter time. They are one expensive assets you own and by all means, preventing them from all the possible winter season hazard is one of your prime responsibilities. Follow these tips and enjoy a well-stored Recreational vehicle the next season.

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