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Startup India program initiated by the Indian government has promoted the innovation and startups in the country. The supreme aim behind the program is to attain sustainable economic development by enhancing employment opportunities. At present, there are several startup businesses emerging in the country with the key factor of ‘innovation'. Every business or company has to be registered as a Private limited company, Partnership firm, or a Limited Liability Partnership firm under the Companies Act 2013 or LLP. It is a good idea to register the business as a startup to enjoy several benefits.

Registration process made simple

Now the registration process is made so simple and easy with the online platform. Yet, you should know about the different rules and regulations related to different types of business registration and prepare the necessary documents in accordance with the same. If you are not sure about the complete process in detail, make use of the services of the professional registration service providing companies in the country to be free from all of the tensions and tasks related with the process. With the experience of handling thousands of startup registration, the professional experts with help you get startup registration india without any of usual problems.

Arrangement of documents

This is one of the important factors of startup registration. The process starts with the collection and arrangement of necessary documents from the directors. The professional experts guide the directors to prepare all of the proofs and other documents and will apply for the digital signature (DSC) of the directors. Then comes in the important role of preparing Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA) and other legal documents that are to be submitted for registration of the businesses. These should be prepared in accordance with the type of the company, operations, interest of the directors and more. Professional experts prepare all of the documents without any of the errors or mistakes to make the registration process smooth and to avoid any sort of legal complication afterward.

Filing of documents

Once all of the documents are prepared, it is the time to submit incorporation docs or file INC 29 (for fast track company registration) with ROC (Registrar of companies). This office under the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs has offices in all of the states in the country and are authorized to deal with the management and administration of the Companies Act 1956, and Companies Act 2013. The office will check the application and related documents in detail and will issue the Incorporation certificate if everything made in compliance with rules and regulations.

Enjoy the benefits

A registered company or startup enjoy several benefits including easy to raise loan and funds, easy to sell the products and services, easy to attract a quality team, protection to personal assets of partners, easy to attract investors and more. If you have the idea of coming up with a startup to develop new products or service, then start the process with the help of one of the most trusted and leading online registration service providers. Get fast-track startup company registration services to get the incorporation certificate on hands without legal tangles.

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