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» » How Do Games Make Your Kids Smarter?

Parents generally have the opinion that games are useless and have no significance in creating a sharper mind and increasing one’s intellect. This is true to a certain extent, in other words, there are certain aspects that prove this to be true and others that prove otherwise. The word ‘games’ itself is rather vague and to give this more clarity and shed some light in this topic, we are talking about both physical outdoor games and more indoor ones, like video gaming.

When it comes to physical outdoor games, we are referring to games like a football match, or a badminton session etc. When it comes to video games, they are ever-evolving, the industry always comes up with new games and examples would be gaming systems like Atari and Nintendo. 

Firstly, let’s dive into how outdoor games could make your kids smarter. The kind of ‘smartness’ we always expect one to have is book-knowledge. Smartness goes beyond the information that books can give; there is much more to learn from everyday life-experiences. Sports is an excellent way to integrate lots of values in ourselves and they teach kids how to strategise. A key to being a good sportsman is to be a team-player and be a good strategiser. These two qualities create a smarter individual because they will utilise everything that they have learnt in other areas of their lives, subconsciously. It is difficult to pinpoint and spot the exact ways in which sports has helped because the advantages manifest itself in many areas of one’s life.

Next, let’s take a look at how video games could possibly make a child become brighter and sharper. The disadvantages are obvious: Addiction, stress, deterioration of eyesight, sedentary lifestyle, violent behavior, and due to the culmination of all of these factors, lots of health issues may arise in the future. Keeping all this in mind, we can establish the fact that even if kids want to play video games, parents should supervise, ensuring that they are playing age-appropriate games and that they do not spend too much of time on it which might lead to addiction.

Having said that, there are ways in which video games make a kid smarter. The one common factor that most video games have is the fact that they are pretty fast-paced and it requires kids to keep up with that speed in order to win their game. This automatically causes children to become more alert and they are quicker in analysing, strategising and planning. This is also because of the fact that getting a perfect score in a video game is near impossible and with every attempt, children will try to change their gaming strategy, they will try to hone their skills and get better and better each time. This quality is much needed in many aspects in life and hence this in a way does make your kid smarter.

ALL IN ALL, though games have generally not been given the credit to for shaping a child into being smarter, it does play an instrumental role in doing so. Parents should however teach their children to strike a healthy balance to get the best of both worlds; through games and books.

 Author Bio:

David Lim is a Private Tutor at ChampionTutor- Home Tuition Agency Singapore and father of cute little twins. Being completely in tuition and Tuition Centres, he’s keen to share his thoughts.

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