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» » Which Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Cloud Storage Providers?

Businesses want to save space, and for this reason, they are keener than ever to shift their bulky documents and files to the cloud. So, with cloud storage providers in much demand, companies are now faced with a bigger challenge of choosing the right vendor for storage. All reputed cloud storage providers will offer a wide range of services while there are some firms which even provide specialized services. 

Cloud storage has turned out to be a smart decision by small enterprises which can now save money by moving their data to the cloud. Before choosing cloud storage providers, a business needs to first rightly understand what its needs are and what it can get from a provider. While it is true that every business may benefit from data storage in the cloud, the key to saving more money is to find the right provider for online data storage. 

These Are Some Of The Factors Which Can Help You Take The Right Decision:

One of the first things to check for is whether the cloud storage providers you have shortlisted are financially stable or not. When the vendor is still on its way to establishing itself financially or is yet to gain an impressive customer base, it is advisable to steer clear of it because there are high risks involved. The provider may discontinue its operations and you may be left in the lurch.

While good quality hardware and innovative technologies may be beneficial for cloud backups, it is necessary to check the infrastructure provided by the storage vendor. The provider should be able to guarantee a robust and dependable infrastructure so that clients can entrust it with its mission-critical data.

When you are searching for reliable cloud storage providers you should ideally inquire about other enterprises which have been using their services. When you find that the client base is limited, it suggests that the provider company is possibly a start-up. If you find that there has been a loss in client numbers it is indicative of poor quality of services. So, you must ensure that the provider you choose has a large client base and it can quote millions of clients as its customers.

It is also imperative to choose cloud storage providers which have geographically-distributed data centre facilities. This will ensure that even if there is an outage, there are proper failover systems so that the uptime is never affected. Location becomes a key factor when it comes to diversifying risks, particularly where natural disasters are concerned. Moreover, location is also important for consideration when you have to ensure that the data does not go outside the regional boundaries. In such a case, you will have to sign up with providers which have data centres in that region.

You will also have to take into account that the provider has a proper security program which complies with all rules and mandates. Without this, you cannot be sure that the provider is credible. As security should be the topmost concern for the providers, it is necessary to select a provider which can guarantee personal key encryption for your data. This means that as a customer, you will be able to set up your own encryption key. This, in turn, implies that even the provider will not be free to decrypt your files. So, you need a provider that can offer data encryption methods for data in transit as well as data at rest.

The provider should also carry out routine security audits and third-party validation of their procedures. Only this can guarantee that your data will be stored securely. For instance, the SSAE16 certification is a much sought-after auditing standard which indicates that a company has undergone in-depth audits and can guarantee safe processing for its customer data.

Besides, one should carefully scan the Service Level Agreements offered by the cloud storage providers as these will state not only how client data is going to be hosted and processed, it will also offer the much-required transparency which clients expect.

Costs are obviously another key consideration when you are searching for reliable cloud storage providers. The main idea behind choosing online data storage is to cut down on costs but the expected savings may or may not happen. Cloud pricing is not easy to understand or predict and businesses often struggle to get the best plans for the prices they pay. Cloud storage performance can be influenced by multiple factors like quality of hardware, network speed, the distance between the data center and end-users etc. Since vendors can offer different kinds of plans for different rates, it is up to you to ensure that you get the right services which will cater to your needs.
Finally, managing online storage is not easy and quite distinct from traditional on-site storage. So, you need a provider having management expertise. While cloud storage may be scalable always, you need to verify that the plans you have chosen can be scaled up when the needs arise.

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