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What are the Female infertility treatment and causes?

Infertility in males or females is one of the common issues that both of them are facing today. The inability to conceive despite trying several times, naturally, is called infertility. This is possible with both men and women.

In normal cases, when a female is not being able to conceive, is labeled as an infertile female. People normally consider and relate such cases only with the females. But today, you cannot say so. Even the males are falling prey to this conception issues. However, in this topic we are only going to deal with infertility issues arising with females and about fertility test for women.

Causes –

There are several and end number of causes that are associated with female infertility. You cannot say that any specific reason behind her infertility. The females’ factors for infertility are yet unexplained. For this female fertility tests need to be done. Only then can one know the main cause of infertility. The common issues that a female might get diagnosed with are –

                    Getting married in later years
                    Cervical cysts
                    Blocked fallopian tubes
                    Ovarian cysts and many others

These are the most commonly diagnosed problems that females go through incase of infertility. Besides this, there can various other reasons like consumption of alcohol and smoking. All this too can cause a female reproductive system and organs to affect in the worst manner.

Those women who are diagnosed with either of the above mentioned problems are eager and desperate to find a way out for the best possible treatment available for infertility. After all who does not like being a mother? There are female infertility treatments available in India as well as abroad. But many a time, even these treatments do not assure fertility.

Female infertility treatment

There are several treatments that are now available in India for both male and female infertility. The ratio of female versus male infertility is always on a rise if we speak about female infertility. The treatments are possible but which treatment will suit who cannot be said. Women that have submitted to a barrage of embarrassing tests that try to diagnose the cause of their infertility. It is only after the known cause, will the doctor be able to provide the treatment. 

Depending on your doctor can find a definite cause of infertility; various courses of treatment may be offered to you. The very beginning of the treatment is by putting the females on various oral fertility drugs are prescribed to cause ovulation, hormone balancing drugs are prescribed to balance hormones.  Surgery is only recommended when the case arises for any blocked tubes or cysts that can be seen through TVS. Thus, to improve physical conditions such as endometriosis or any other cysts, laparoscopy can be recommended by your gynecologists.

There can be and there are several possible benefits to the females that are seen in the past few records. Various other options like IUI, IVF and ICSI are some advanced treatments that are recommended by doctors only if the oral medication is not sufficient.

Also these female infertility treatments are recommended when it is seen that both the males and the females are facing the infertility issues. Thus by undergoing IVF or ICSI, conception can be made. 

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