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» » How to Improve Your Wifi Range at Home

Owing to low cost of WiFi, everyone uses it freely to watch movies online, listening to Spotify music, play web games, shop online, and much more. But sometimes, it can get as slow as tortoise, drop out or simply doesn’t work in some areas of home. Before throwing your hands in defeat and opting for an Ethernet cable, read this post and get through the things you can do to improve your home network’s range as well as speed. Read on.
1.      Perform a Netgear extender setup
In case your regular router is not able to deal with the matter you need, then it’s time to go for Netgear WiFi extender setup. A range expander is the best device that can boost your home network without paying a single penny for new router. It receives signals from old router and broadcasts the boosted signals for your device.
However, it can be quite tricky to set up an extender. But with the help of Netgear genie setup, it becomes as easy as pie. Just log in to mywifiext and install and configure your device easily. You can also take help from highly-experienced technicians if you face any difficulty.
2.      Check for firmware updates
When it comes to get the fastest Internet speed, the hardware is a key to its success. The home router comes with software that quite runs slow. However, companies release latest versions of the software from time to time, adding new features and improving the performance of your device. So, it’s advised to keep your device up to date. For this, you have to log in to Netgear genie app. Once done, find the upgrade option and hit it.
If you own an old router, you have to download the firmware from the manufacturer’s official website. After that, upload it manually. On the other hand, new routers run the installation process silently in the background.  
3.      Change wireless channels
Routers come with two frequency bands, i.e. 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Both of these bands have different ranges from each other. Make sure to check the settings of your router. There should be an option to change the channel manually. You can choose any wireless channel depending upon your requirements.
4.      Move your router
Most of the home routers resemble like PC equipment as they have blinking lights along with antennas. So, it is better to place your router at a convenient place. Best, put your device in the same room as that of your extender. Also, keep it away from other electrical devices such as microwave oven, metal appliances, and concrete walls that can create interference in the path of WiFi signals.

One can make use of their smartphone to test the signal strength in the house. If you don’t find the proper coverage, try to re-position your router.

5.      Replace antennas

Many wireless routers come with external antennas while the new ones are great to use for people. In case you are facing Internet connectivity problems, you are advised to have a look at getting a more robust antenna for your device. Let us tell you that a new antenna will lessen $20 from your bank account, but it will still not make your device more powerful.

So, it’s better to replace antennas instead of buying a new one. For instance, if you don’t find a central location in home for your device, get an antenna having a cable that allows you to place it in a more open area. Moreover, you can also choose a high-gain antenna that effectively increases the distance and direct the signal in all directions.

Are you using any other method to improve your WiFi range? If so, feel free to share that with us through the comments section below.

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