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» » All About Ovarian Cancer in a Nutshell

In the treatment of ovarian cancer surgery does appear to be one of the most prominent steps. In the case of most women you can confer the fact that the treatment starts with chemotherapy and this does go on to shrink the tumour before the surgery is over. As far as the staging of ovarian cancer is concerned surgery could also be of immense help. A pathologist will go on to examine it and then figure out the stage or the extend of the disease as well.  Then the specialist will be in a position to figure out the exact course of treatment as well.

In terms of the treatment it would be dependent upon the type, extent, size of the tumour as well. The genetic factors along with physical activities do have a say in this regard as well. In terms of the treatment it could be chemotherapy or surgery. The pattern of treatment would be dependent on how the overall situation pans out.

An oncologist goes on to undertake the surgery. In terms of postgraduate training there would have gone on to have 5 years of education which is followed by 2 years of additional training in the domain of cancer. They are the best people to guide you on how to manage the cancer. When a specialized person goes on to undertaken the surgery the chances of recurrence and at the same time the survival rate increases considerably. As far as the treatment procedure evolves it might mean surgical removal. Here the surgeon does go on to remove as much as possible the tumour. In most cases the symptoms of the disease would be eradicated to the maximum possible extent. It all would depend on how far the cancer has gone on to spread. Sometimes a single or both the ovaries might have to be removed. This might mean removal of the fallopian tubes as well. Along with the lymph nodes the uterus and the surrounding structures might be prone to removal as well.

After the surgery you need to ask the surgeon on what has been removed and how they are going to help you in terms of the recovery process. This is the main essence as far as ovarian cancer treatment in India is concerned. Once the surgery is over the oncologist would recommend the following steps

·        Chemotherapy is something that can be provided before the surgery

·         It is better to adopt a wait and watch policy. Do observe the symptoms in a careful manner before you take a final decision.

The women might not need a chemotherapy sometimes if you go on to detect it at an early stage and the chances of the cancer recurring is pretty low. In terms of the recovery it would be dependant on a number of factors

·         The general well being of the health before the surgery
·         The complexity and extend of the surgery

·         The rest you are getting at the same time.

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