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Valuable Guidelines for Increasing Your Internet Speed

In this article we will guide you with some valuable points to increase the speed of your existing internet network as well as complete the procedure of NETGEAR Extender Setup.

5 valuable tips for setting up a range extender

Plug your extender and the latest firmware of router in normal voltage. The electricity shouldn’t be dim or fluctuating.

The Ethernet cable you are using to connect range extender and router supposed to be dust resistance.
Place your devices away from walls and windows so that third-party neighboring devices couldn’t affect their internet range.

Also, turn off your household electronic devices and metal appliances before connecting your range extender with the computer.

Now, in the address bar of the web browser type mywifiext.

Note: Your computer should be free from browsing history and malware. Consider clearing them all if you want a successful mywifiext.net login without any error message.

Cannot open mywifiext.net? Did you have the default details of username and password handy with you? If not, contact us immediately on toll-free number 1-877-425-5462.

6 Handy Tips to Boost up your Internet Range

Consider checking Cables of your Modem and the Router

It is the fact that you have to except and get rid of. Use of dirty, dusty and loose cables that connect your modem and the router can cause significant reduction in speed of your internet. In order to gain high-speed of internet connection without any signal breakage, consider replacing your Ethernet cable with a new one. Also, keep your devices away from heat and dust.

Consider checking the filters

If you are making use of unreliable or low-quality filters that drop your internet speed by 40-60%, consider replacing them with high-quality filters. For assistance regarding the same from our tech support executives on toll-free number shared above.

Protect your Wireless Internet

It is strictly recommended to use a secure and reliable wireless network for your entire web browsing. If are openly making use of your WiFi without applying any security on it, then it would be a big disaster. Consider changing the default details of login credentials soon after the process of installation and configuration. It is also recommended to share the WiFi password only with trustworthy people. The network name and password supposed to be unique and strong. is the default IP address of your device. You need to enter it into the field of the address bar of a web browser to access mywifiext.net (configuration page of your device). This process will help you in changing the default details to the protected one.

Change your WiFi Channel Number

Always remember that your WiFi channel number is a lot important for a good and reliable internet connection. In most cases, 2.4GHz WiFi channels mess with the same channel number that creates a lot of interferences between your internet connection and networking devices. We need you to disable all the interference creating devices such as Bluetooth speakers and cordless phones while accessing mywifiext.com and connecting your smart devices with range extender and the router.

Consider Moving your WiFi Device to a Different Location

Well, this is the most important step that you have to remember forever. Placement of your wireless and networking devices is very essential to get a high speed of internet all over the house. So, if you are experiencing slow, unreliable internet connection and error while www.mywifiext.net login, consider moving your router and the range extender to the different location. Both the devices supposed to be placed at a higher shelf away from the reflection of windows and mirrors

Both router and the range extender shouldn’t be overheated and overloaded with large, heavy, and malicious files.

Use Good and Reliable DNS

DNS stands for “Domain Name System”. It is specially designed for WiFi networking devices to boost up the speed of existing WiFi network for a secure web browsing. Your internet is based upon the IP address. When a web browser or mywifiext is typed into a web browser, the Domain Name System (DNS) return the IP address of the web server associated and linked with that particular name.

If you have any questions or queries left, feel free to call us any time of the day or night.

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