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Handy and Valuable Tips for Accessing a Router

As we all know that router is the oxygen mask of internet. Without the presence of this, you cannot get the access of internet to far corner of the house. Not only this, router is the main element that plays a very important role in configuration of NETGEAR Extender Setup

But do you know how to access the router? No? Ok then need not to worry and have a look onto the valuable points given below.

Make sure that your Router is Properly Connected to the Internet

Once you have connected your computer with the router, you can use the settings of your computer to determine the address of your main router. This step will allow you to access the router settings directly. If your internet connection isn’t working properly, consider calling our technicians on toll-free number 1-888-927-4505.

Click on start button and then hit the windows logo that is situated at the bottom left corner of the home screen (desktop). Here, you have to make sure that your devices (router, computer, etc.) aren’t overheated.

Now, look at the bottom left side of the start window, there is an option named ‘Settings’. We need you to click on that option.

Now, what you have to do, click on ‘Network and Internet’ to proceed further. Be sure that your computer isn’t overloaded with browsing history and malware like cache and cookies.

Now, look at the bottom of the page, you can see the icon ‘View your Network Properties’. Hit it.
Next, note down the number that is next to the ‘Default Gateway’ heading. This would suppose to be the default address of your device, which will allow you to access the settings of router live (online).

Do not ignore the steps shared by us. If you do so, you can never complete the process of New Extender Setup.

Access the Router’s Settings on Windows and MAC

Hope you haven’t disconnected your computer with the router. If you did it, consider connecting them both again at once.

Now, open a web browser and access your router settings online.

Enter the default IP address of your router into field of the address bar.

You will prompt to enter the login details (default). If you change the login credentials without any supervision of mywifiext.support technicians, you have no option left then to restart/ reboot your system.

Changing of settings on your own also causes a big issue (error) for mywifiext.net login.

Review your Router Settings

Enter into the administration page of router and view its settings. Here, you have to change the existing (default) SSID and password to something more secure and strong. The SSID can easily be visible in front of those devices that are active beside you. To keep your devices and network secure, you have to set a password (unique) that would be impossible for others to detect.

Consider changing your network name SSID too. The network name supposed to e about 8 characters and password should be about 16 characters.

Note: Do not change make any changes (that are set as default) to the router before the process of configuration.

Once done with the entire process, you can now use it in configuring your range extender

Disconnect your router with the computer and connect it with your range extender.

Plug them both in and let the LED lights on your devices start blinking.

Once you see blinking green lights on your range extender and router, connect your computer with it (range extender).

Now, open a web browser of your choice and in the address bar type mywifiext.

Mywifiext.net is that web address that is very helpful in accessing the feature of NETGEAR Genie to configure your range extender with other devices and access mywifiext.net local only if you are setting up your WiFi extender with Apple.

Looking for more help? Your search ends here. Call our tech support executives and ask them issues related to mywifiext.net login and NETGEAR Extender Support.

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