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7 Essential Time Management Tips for Busy Employees

You come to the office early with the very intention of finishing all your work for the day and leaving on time. But just 2 hours prior to your leaving time, you realise that there are still many tasks pending on your to-do listand thus, you become late to go home once again.

If you are under the impression that this happens only to you, then let us reveal that most of the employees working in private firmsfind it difficult to complete their work on time and leave late for home on the regular.

So,keeping that in mind, we have shared some crucial tips to help you out in managing your work and time in office.

1.       Schedule work in advance

There is a saying in the corporate world, which goes -  “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” To deliver all your work on time, it’s good to plan your day in advance. You can even schedule the entire week in advance; this will help you save the time that you spend on scheduling tasks for every day.

And again, it’s better to plan your calendar when you are not distracted by emails and phone calls. While planning the tasks, always prioritise the important work. This way, you will save time on planning, concentrate more on the work, give better results and deliver the output before the deadline.

2.       Keep a notepad and pen handy

Most of the employees have several works to do in a day that’s why at times they miss out on one or two of them and then are reminded about it in the evening.  To avoid this hurry-scurry situation, it’s better to make a daily docket. Write all your tasks of the day on a notepad with a company ownbranded pen and stick it on your desk, wall or laptop. This daily docket will not only help you see your day in one glance, but also organise your appointments, notes, task and errands effectively.

3.       Task management software

For those who want to go paperless and minimise accessories on their desk, task management software is a great way. It helps you manage all your work effectively by keeping a track of essential work from the beginning to end, assigning subtasks to your teammates and reminding you of the projects that are on deadline.

4.       Avoid distractions

To increase your work speed and productivity, you have to reduce those frequent breaks and distractions. These small disturbances stop you from focusing on the work and therefore reduce your high-performance resulting in delay of work. So, to avoid killing your time, stay away from things that hold you back during work.
5.       Set your phone to Gray Scale

If there was an award for world’s best distracting machine, then a smartphone would win hands down. It’s a fact, whenever a little notification appears on your mobile screen, it’s almost impossible to resist checking it. And more to our distraction, app makers are creating new and interesting apps for smartphones every single day. The good thing is we can fight this distraction by setting our mobile to grayscale mode.

6.       Say ‘NO’ to interruption

Most of the time, it happens that you are working on something very important and then suddenly your colleague comes and asks for some help on an immediate basis. This interruption is enough for your distraction. To keep yourself away from these, just say ‘NO’ at that time. You can help them later on, once you are done with your work. 

7.       Don’t multitask

There comes a point when we all try to finish multiple tasks at a time; but trust us, our brain is just not set to perform more than one task at a time. Besides, we can’t focus on all the tasks simultaneously. It reduces the quality of our work and results in poor performance.  So it’s better to perform one task at a time.

We hope these tips will help you finish your work effectively within the time limits and make you a less busy employee.

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