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Exciting place to visit of Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple Bali, set in the plateau area with tropics rainforest surrounds it on the incline of Mt. Batukaru Bali Indonesia. Batukaru Temple Bali is a Hindu temple that is placed exactly right on the slopes of Mount Batukaru from the western region of the island of Bali, Indonesia. 

Batukaru temple is based from the village of Wongaya Gede, Penebel Sub District, Tabanan Regency, Bali, about 46 KM from Denpasar city. The given name of the Batukaru temple more than likely grabbed from the name of Mt.

Batukaru itself. Pura Batukaru is also famous as a traveler destination visited by many visitors, both domestic and international travelers. For anyone which are having a vacation in Bali, this area is an appropriate alternative to have the atmosphere of calm, calmness with crisp mountain air. 

To visit the Batukaru temple, we won't encounter any souvenir shops, kiosks or artwork shops like lots of other attractions for tourist in Bali, so that makes this temple is a place that far from the noise and its sanctity is continuously maintained by the people of Bali. 

The pop-up shops are permitted to open only through the temple ceremony that takes place for three days. The visitors that are planning to visit Batukaru temple should utilize dresses that are decent to make sure that the sanctity of the temple is kept.

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