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» » Dr. Mohammed Rela: A Gift to Medical Industry

A Gift to Medical Industry

In case of emergency, there is not so much time left for doctors to think on what action needs to be taken. When there is a surgery and a time to save the patient, only doctors know how risky it becomes. In such situation, the doctor needs to think of the best way by which he can rescue the patient from the death edge.

Well, that is what till date, Mohamed Rela has followed. In past all his years of the career, Dr. Rela has saved lives of many due to which he has earned the reputation and the trust, which not all patients tend to build for any random doctor.

Understanding more about Dr. Rela:

Dr. Mohammed Rela is currently working with the association of HPB & Liver Transplant Surgery at the Global Hospitals in Chennai. Currently working as the Chief surgeon, Dr. Rela has so far successfully performed more than 3000 liver transplant surgeries. Accordingly, to Dr. Rela to save the life of the patient especially who is a child has always been more tough call to take. However, undoubtedly, with his knowledge and powerful experience, he has created a remarkable position and proved to be the boon in the healthcare industry. He has been operating a successful team that works on liver transplantation.

His Work so far:

This prominent surgeon has also made his entry in the Guinness Book of Records in 2000 and is said to be rated as the number one liver transplant surgeon of India. His very first surgery that also became notable later was the liver transplant of a patient has acute liver failure. His another notable work was the surgery made on a four and a half year old girl who was suffering from the stage of liver diseases which as at the terminal level. There was a risk that the patient had to undergo bone marrow transplant. Instead, Dr. Rela took the risk of helping the patient with a prominent surgery, which undoubtedly worked the best

His Education:

After completing MBBS, it was the end for Dr. Mohammed Rela for practicing. Rather, further he went and completed his FRCS- General Surgery (Upper GI) and now working as the Chronic Liver specialist. With 34 years of experience in this field, this fellow surgeon has completed his education and worked in the London’s very kwon King’s College Hospital. Talking about his expertise, he is specialized doctor in the field of performing liver transplantation. He also takes care of tepatibiliary surgery. He has ensured at times that Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic treatment is done in a right manner.
The field of doctor has never been a relaxing job. Those who take the oath to save the life need to abide to it with complete care, commitment and dedication. Undoubtedly, Dr. Rela is a perfect example of the same. With his clean record of performing the complex surgeries and saving lives of young children, he has certainly set the most remarkable position in the industry today. This certainly is worth appreciable.

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