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» » What would a sunny side up delivery point to in the first place?

One of my best friends went on to deliver a baby girl but she had a lot of back pain. She had to bear the agony of a C section. The main reason that has put forth was a sunny side up delivery. Before you go ahead we need to understand what does sunny side up baby mean in the first place. Most of us would have heard of breech birth, but the sunny side up happens to be the most abnormal position of a baby.

In medical terms the name of the position goes by OP or occiput posterior. Ideally it would mean that the head of the baby happens to be turned around the wrong way. The back portion of the head works out to be the posterior. This would mean that the head of the baby is pressed up against the pubic bone. It does become hard for the baby to extend their head outside from the pubic bone. What it would mean is that the labour would be more painful and it is going to be a long process.

A lot of studies have been done on the OP position. The main study would be what it does mean for delivery and how can you go on to prevent it as well. If you analyse what the studies have to show it is as follows
  • This is a position that is common in the first stage of labour and it does occur in 30 % of pregnancies
  • Most of the babies are expected to get back to a normal position by the time of delivery. Only in the case of 5 % of babies there does occur persistent OP.
  • If there is a persistent level of OP it would mean assisted form of delivery. The chances of delivery being long are also on the high as well.
  • The chances of a persistent OP are all the higher if it happens to be your first pregnancy. The risk works out to be as high as 7 %.
The most obvious option for managing an OP position as already discussed early would be assisted form of delivery. Vacuum or forceps delivery work out to be the common choice. You could go on to attempt manual rotation of the baby or maternal posturing as well.

To conclude if you even start your delivery with a sunny side position up, then you can be rest assured that the baby will return back to its normal position by the time delivery will take place. It would be a great bet if posturing could work in favour of the odds. But till now nothing has gone on to yield any major results as of now.

You could ask your health care provider on what has been their experience in dealing with OP positioned babies till now. You can discuss with them the option of sunny side delivery as of now.

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