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» » How Can You use Australian Immigration Services in India?

Today we are going to guide you on how you can obtain your Australia tourist visa from India. Australia has always been open to those with potential. First, you have to get yourself enlisted in the Australian Skill list. 

This list is prepared by Australian Government covering all the details about occupation. Those people can apply who have similar skill set or occupation as mentioned in the list. Immigration process will be much easier if you have skills matching the list. You can also avail a free assessment and check if you qualify for the visa type.

Qualifications for obtaining visa

You will have to fill a point assessment category form where you will provide the best reasons you have for immigration. This step is very crucial to your visa application process. There are specific criterions which you have to fulfill and you will be awarded point for each criterion. Your previous work experience, your current age, and the job you have applied for and your language skills will all award you more points. It is to your advantage if your relative or family lives in Australia as it will fetch you extra points. If your project is fully funded by the state government, you will get add on points for that.

Assessment process

After you qualify to apply for the visa you need to take a skill assessment test. This test will check your skills like your post-secondary education status   and your previous job experience.  Assessment test for each job mentioned in the skill occupation list is scrutinized by different assessing bodies .Only after getting an optimistic review from skill assessment test you proceed to the next step. Once you have you proved that you qualify for the immigration, you can provide your EOI or Expression of Interest.  EOI helps in judging your skill level.

How to submit your EOI?

Carefully go through all the details about Australian tourist visa for Indian citizens. To register yourself under the Australian Skill Migration Agenda you will have to submit your EOI. This makes your way easier to receive invitation for visa application process. Approval of your EOI will take a lot of time that can lie anywhere between 4 to 18 months. Do not worry about your approval as you will be provided support all along the process. It is good to get acquainted with the method of application.

Variation you need to consider

The various visa types you can apply for falls under threecategories. First is the Skilled Independent Visa. Second is the Skilled Nominated Visa and the third type is the Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Visa. The total points you have been awarded in skill assessment test will determine your qualification for visa type. A lot of information is available on how you can prepare for the skill assessment test and appear in time for one. There is a lot to enjoy and experience in Australia once you get your visa done.

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