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» » Email Marketing: 5 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid by Beginners

Email marketing is an important aspect that needs to be undertaken by each and every entrepreneur to promote the business. When starting with email marketing, there are several mistakes that are sure to be committed, which can prove to be harmful to the campaign.

Some widespread mistakes committed by beginners and how to avoid them

The best seo professional company in Gurugram can help identify the common mistakes committed by beginners in email marketing and the ways to avoid them.

·         ‘Noreply’: There are many who are curious to know what is behind ‘no reply’. One of the essential wording parts of the email is the sender which is crucial like that of its purpose. Jot down the business name and mention the person’s name sending on behalf of the business. Personalized email tends to contribute towards developing strong business-customer relationship and vice-versa. It is important to let know the customers that there is someone sending the email and not an auto-bot. Besides this, it is essential to make them know that the site where they get registered and prefer to receive newsletters from is managed by the company and email sent. Otherwise, the email will not be opened by the recipients.

·         Excess content: No one likes to get bombarded with regular emails and that too those lengthy, uninteresting ones. The newsletter should not contain excess images or content like a newspaper, making the recipient to scroll down a lot. The messaging platform is meant for short, crisp contents that is easy to read and informed enjoyed. The other aspect is that longer contents in the newsletter are likely to be cut short by Gmail and other mailing platforms.

·         Send business emails, but without subscriber segmentation: Once the customer register with the site, he/she tends to provide all crucial personal data, their home address, date of birth and other relevant information. It helps the business to send emails that are better targeted as well as to avoid spam, keeping in mind the groups that have classified subscribers. These customers might have registered through the landing page providing special promotion, or perhaps by the site. This segmentation type can help to prevent spam. Using segmentation can allow optimizing email content and increasing open email numbers.

·         Avoid customization: The last couple of years saw, customization of email subjects increase open mail numbers by around 30%. It means if customization is not used, then open mail percentage is likely to be reduced by about 30%. Hence, implementing customization can work in some cases like:

o   When emails are to be sent to the customers having abandoned their cart prior to completion of the order.
o   When automatic email series is to be sent to new customers.
o   When emails with promotions are to be sent.
o   When satisfaction surveys are to be sent.

Discount coupons can be sent to clients on special events or birthdays. This being said, personalization can be used at any point of time, in each and every email that is sent, like just the small business known as Amazon.

·       Sending excess or too less emails: Studies conducted have revealed that about 86% of customers are sure to feel delighted to get marketing emails from interesting companies once a month, while 60% prefer emails once in a week as well as 15% once in a day! Studies also have found out that about 35% of email marketers prefer to send 2-3 emails / month, 21% tend to send 4-5 emails, while 19% send just one. The best seo professional company in Delhi NCR is of the opinion that sending per month just two emails will be quite appropriate.

Taking care of the above and using tips derived from the experts can help the business to succeed in the email marketing campaign.

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