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» » The Intended Uses and Features Available on A Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is a combination of a motor scooter and a wheelchair. The common names are an electric scooter, a scooter and a power operated vehicle. A mobility scooter has two wheels in the rear with the seat on top. There is an area to place the feet, steerable wheels and handlebars. A battery is used to power most of motor scooters. There are battery charges on most scooters although some are still powered by gas. A manual wheelchair requires the user to have a lot of strength, but an electric scooter just requires some strength in the upper body and hands. 

It is much easier to maneuver a mobility scooter st.paulmn than a wheelchair and takes a fraction of the strength. Mobility scooters are often used by individuals with lung issues, coronary issues and severe arthritis. These people can sit upright and walk a few steps. This makes a scooter a good option. There are numerous makes and models available depending on the needs of the individual. Some people use it for minimal travel, others to replace their vehicle and yet others fall somewhere in between.

With a charged battery, the average mobility scooter can travel approximately thirty miles. The small scooters average ten to fifteen miles. The mileage can be doubled with an additional battery or the existing battery can be upgraded. There is a lever that controls the speed which correlates to the control panel. The maximum speed is roughly eight miles per hour. The scooter slows then stops when the lever is engaged. There is a brake for added security and safety. The features vary and include indicators, lights, size, removeable seats, durability, headrests and comfort level.

A mobility scooter designed as a car replacement has more power and can use the highway if fitted with lights and indicators. They are usually more luxurious and much larger. The seats are often removeable, adjustable and provide more support. The extra length makes them more difficult to turn. Mobility scooters are designed to make them easy to use. All the different models operate in a similar fashion. The main differences are the speed, size and number of wheels. Some have three wheels and others have four. 

A key is required to start a mobility scooter. This enables the user to leave them outside of their home or a store without worrying about theft or security. The scooter is driven when the user pushes or pulls on the lever. Some levers are designed for the thumb while others are meant for the fingers. The scooter is designed to be used indoors or outdoors. The three-wheel model has a smaller turning radius than the four. This means they are easier to maneuver inside of the home. The best type of mobility scooter to use depends on the condition and needs of the individual.

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